Date nights and junk food 

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the sunshine this week! 

My last blog post got a lot of love and I am so thankful for the support and love that everyone has shown to all of my blog posts. I am currently sat at work typing away on my lunch break, at the moment I spend most of my time writing or reading thanks to starting my blog. 

So this blog is going to be about this weekend and going out to a comedy show on Sunday night. I spend the majority of my time at Ross’s house during the week and also at the weekend, so on Saturday I went to pick up my new glasses and also went to look at some beds…I felt like a proper adult (sad I know). We then spent the rest of the day binge watching the walking dead and riverdale and eating junk food. 

My Saturday was not the most exciting ever as I was still trying to get over my concussion…I am literally the clumsiest person ever and I now genuinely think I need to baby proof any corner that is in the house so that I can’t fall into it!! 

That makes me think actually about all the little things that I miss being able to do like I used be able to, for example a girly thing that I used to enjoy was having a long warm bath with a lush product and being able to take my time with shaving my legs…now shaving my legs has become a task as it really hurts to bend and stand in the shower, I am no longer really able to have baths as they would make my joints seize and I can get stuck in the bath for ages.

I miss being able to get dressed on my own and not have anybody worrying about me that I might fall and hurt myself…I also get tired so easily so tights are now a mission to put on and I love wearing dresses and skirts so I still power on. 

I know to most, the above things are easy and you wouldn’t see them as a big deal, however being 20 and having 20% of the energy a “normal” person would have these things really get to me. I would say that, because I am quite a stubborn person I will continue on and not pace myself as I should, this is purely because I get so angry at myself because I want to be able to do the basic things in life again unaided and without having to worry. 

Anyway back to my weekend, on Sunday night we went to see Rob Beckett perform in Peterborough, my mum got us tickets to go for Christmas, I had already seen once before but wanted to go again seeing as I enjoyed it so much the first time. Me and Ross love nothing better than going out for really tasty food, we have a particular favourite restaurant called wildwood and they do the most incredible garlic bread with mozzarella and caramelised onions on top it is too die for and considering I have stomach problems and shouldn’t eat a lot of bread it comes at some price! 

So we went to wildwood for dinner and then went to a desert shop called Kaspa’s they do crepes and waffles the size of my head and it is the best. I have a very strong love for peanut butter as well so to find out they do a waffle drenched in melty peanut butter and fresh banana was music to my tiny lil ears. (I will insert a picture here use be warned it’ll make you hungry and jealous) 

So once we had finished eating and finding out that as per usual we had eyes bigger than our bellies we walked back to the theatre that Rob was performing in (which was quite nice as it meant I could walk off my food baby). 

Rob Beckett is utterly hilarious when he performs and he engages with the audience so much that 75% of his show is talking to people. Of course me being a magnet for awkward moments meant that I was the first victim he chose….he also called me an arsehole cause I’m a bit blunt but I found it hilarious. I also learnt that the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller so even though it was a comedy show I learnt something new! 

After the show I then got the chance to meet Rob and have a picture taken with him so that was pretty cool! (I’ll put the picture below because I quite like it) 

I hope you guys had a good weekend as well I’d love to know what you all get up to especially those outside of the UK. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how your weekends were I’m going to sign off now and binge watch the walking dead with Ross (my idea of my perfect night in)

Signing off for now! 

Scarlett x

Invisible illnesses vs online dating 

Hi everyone! 
Hope you are all doing well, this blog is again a little different, I have been encouraged by two lovely ladies (Sarah and Leanne) to write about my experience of online dating before I finally found my lovely boyfriend Ross. 

So a little bit of history, I was with my ex for 2 and a bit years and when I got diagnosed for the first time he just said “oh well you’ll get over it won’t you” as you can tell that did not last much longer than that…So I then sat in the bath the same night we broke up and made my tinder profile. 

Tinder in my opinion is the worst dating app ever, it’s cheesy chat up lines and one night stands (both of which I was not interested in). Now having 3 chronic illnesses that are to do with mobility you sometimes have to use crutches or walking aids, so I decided to write in my profile that I am disabled (to avoid any unwanted surprises).

Now this brought on a whole host of stupid things to say to someone who is disabled…the first one I had was through tinder and was in this exact wording ” How the f**k do you have sex if you’re disabled” I don’t even know where to begin with speaking about this, it was the first time someone had ever said anything like this to me so it’s safe to say I went full on psycho crazy on him….probably not the best way to deal with it in hindsight.

I decided after this that I would try giving plenty of fish a try….turns out thats where I ended up finding Ross but I’ll get onto that later. So I again came across lots of ignorant comments…so the first one I experienced was a guy that had literally just messaged me to say “You’re not disabled…you’re stood up in one of your pictures” cue Scarlett writing out a really long paragraph on invisible illnesses and how you shouldn’t judge someone before you meet/get to know them. 

I ended up getting so many questions about my illnesses due to writing about them in my bio, I also put in there that if they couldn’t deal with being with someone disabled, to not bother wasting time by messaging me at the end of the day I was there to find someone to help me and to support me as much as I needed and just someone to go home to at the end of a long day. 

So anyway back to the stories of dating, the other really stupid thing someone once said to me was “I know what it’s like being disabled I’m ginger and that’s the same thing” I can’t even talk about this cause it makes me so freaking angry. 

So from being on Tinder and POF I went on few dates, one date was after I called him crying my eyes out after a drunken argument at 2am safe to say that went nowhere he probs thought I was a psycho. 
When I stuck to my type I soon learnt that most of them turned out to be complete arseholes (I am not stereotyping all men by the way). Then when I had literally given up hope Ross messaged me, he has long hair and likes roc music, I swore blind I would never date anyone with longer hair than me. 

Turns out he is the most wonderful boyfriend I could have asked for, he helps me in every way that he can he helps me get dressed when i get stuck, I’m not allowed to carry heavy things up the stairs etc.

If I learnt anything from my online dating experience it would definitely be step out of your usual type, the boy you dream up in your head probably doesn’t exist. Always give someone a chance remember learn to get to know someone before you judge them, this is the whole reason I started these blogs is to raise awareness for invisible disabilities it is so important to think before you speak. 

So I’m going to sign off here, I have plenty of dating stories that I can delve into that may amuse you, so if that would interest you then feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoy this one let me know what you think and please share my blogs with your friends 🙂 

Signing off for now 

Scarlett x

My 20th birthday trip to Brighton 

Hi everyone, 
Hope you are all doing well, I would like to just say thank you for all the support that my first blog post received. This one is a little different to the last as it is about my recent trip to Brighton for my 20th birthday and how I coped with that and my conditions.
When someone plans a surprise trip for you it’s a lovely gesture, especially when your partner plans it for you in a place that you have wanted to go for years. However when someone who has a chronic illness hears surprise trip so many worries cross your mind:

do I need my crutches

How am I going to cope with all this walking 

Am I supposed to drive or are we getting a train

What shoes do I take to support my feet and ankles

Do I put my insoles in my shoes 

Is it going to be really cold?! (My circulation is not fab so I get really cold)
All of these things to worry about automatically makes you more anxious to go somewhere, luckily my wonderful boyfriend accidentally told me where we were going so I knew then that we would be getting the train, we would be going for 3 days and that way I could plan more as to what I needed. 
So we set off on the Monday me dragging my bright pink suitcase behind me and Ross carrying my coat and his bag like a true gent we went to get on the train and go to Brighton…it was the top place in the U.K. On my bucket list so I was so excited.
When we got to Brighton I found out that we were staying in the Hilton which is situated right on the sea front it was gorgeous, that and the weather was sunshine and 11 degrees which for a seaside town in the U.K. In February is pure bliss!
Our room was stunning and absolutely huge, with a sea view so I got to wake up on my 20th birthday (my birthday also happens to fall on Valentine’s Day) to watch the sunrise over the sea it was magical one of the most amazing experiences to date in my life. We went for a walk on the first day and found a little gelato shop in the lanes called “gelato gusto” they had a wide range of vegan ice creams which was perfect for me as I have dietary problems that come with my conditions. 
When I go travelling even on a 1 hour car journey I get super sleepy so you can imagine how I would have felt after 2 long train journeys and then also going for an explore that evening as well…then things got really fun….Ross got us lost so we spent 20 minutes walking in the wrong direction ( my hip dislocates every time I walk and I should use crutches for long distance) this being said I am stubborn as hell so chose not to take them with me…it’s safe to say I was grouchy at this point due to being lost so we called it a day and got an uber back to the hotel. 

I then ate so much that I went into a food coma as I had a waffle as big as my face *insert heart face emojis here* and a burger that was just incredible and this was all delivered to the hotel so I could sit in my knickers and eat in bed!! 
On Tuesday we got up early as it was my birthday and also Valentine’s Day! We had the fanciest breakfast in the Hilton and I made the mistake of going downstairs in no shoes and a scruffy jumper and leggings when everyone else was wearing a suit or equally as nicely dressed….my life is a major cringe fest 9/10 times. We then went for a wander all around Brighton I got the chance to make my own perfumes at Eden’s perfumes which was just incredible. The best part of them day however was going to ChoccyWoccyDooDah for birthday cake…me and Ross tackled the platter of cake that was designed for 4 people or as we like to say 2 very hungry people ( on this occasion it really was meant for 4 or more…we took 3 boxes of cake home) we also stopped into BOHO Gelato which is highly recommended by Zoella and she was certainly not lying the lady who served us was lovely and the gelato was just as good. 
We then went for a moonlit walk on the pier before having dinner at the hotel, I felt like a 10 year old again (not that it was that long ago) playing silly games such as the 2p machines and the claw machines it was incredible. 
By the time we got home on Wednesday all of the walking had certainly caught up with me…after all I had managed 30km in 3 days which is unheard of for me especially to do so with a smile still slapped on my face. 
The bit behind the smile though was the worst, especially when I got back to ross’ and had to face the 3 flights of stairs in his house. This is when these conditions are not glamorous at all I could not lift my feet off the floor and Ross had to then sit and undress me because my body refused to respond to me anymore. The fatigue had set in big time and so had the pain it washed over me like the waves of Brighton beach. I think even 2 weeks later I have only just recovered properly from all the walking. 
Right, I’m going to end the post here as I have pancakes waiting for me (ps I am writing this on pancake day) I hope everyone is bored of the site of pancakes by today when I upload! Keep an eye for the next post which should be coming on Saturday, I have some funny stories lined up for that one.
I hope you have enjoyed the post and feel free to follow/leave any comments if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer and love the feedback! 

Signing off for now, 
Scarlett x

Chronic illness -my story

Hi everyone,

I wanted my first post to be a little bit about me and start with explaining my conditions and what they mean for me in day to day life. I am currently 20 years old and have been diagnosed with 3 chronic illnesses for 2 years now and registered disabled for 10 months.

I look very much like a “normal” person, this means that you can then become subjected to a lot of judgemental looks and comments and people going out of their way to make you feel uncomfortable (this in turn means anxiety and depression can creep up on you quite quickly)

My 3 conditions are Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3. Now you’re probably sat reading this thinking “how on earth do you pronounce these things” and also “what on earth are they”.

So let’s start with the Joint Hypermobility Syndrome this is a “normal” thing that most people will have as it is known as being double jointed this means that the joint in your body over extend and can lock and move in places they shouldn’t. It becomes a Syndrome when you have the chronic pain that comes along with it. This is mainly focused in the joints and makes things a lot more difficult to do in daily life. I was diagnosed with this in April of 2015 and just handed and leaflet and told to get on with it basically, and that it wouldn’t really effect me in my daily life.

Then came the Fibromyalgia and the Elhers Danlos Syndrome a year later, this was only diagnosed due to me fighting for a second opinion as it was believed there was more wrong with me than first expected. So Fibromyalgia is an interesting illness to have as it is mainly chronic fatigue and over sensitivity in the skin, for example if someone were to rub my back for a long period of time to console me it would feel as though my skin is burning.

Elhers Danlos Syndrome is where your all of the above combined really but treated as a separate condition, this now means that when I walk I dislocate my hip partially and it means that my joints are more prone to dislocations than others.

Sorry if this has been really rambly but that’s the short version of all the conditions I have! I promise the next post will be something a bit more exciting about my recent trip to Brighton and how I coped with that and my conditions.

Signing off for now,