Cooking with Scarlett

Hi everyone,
I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the weather whoever you are. 

Today’s blog is going to be about how you can amend recipes to suit your dietary needs. I am experiencing a lot of problems with my stomach and my diet, they aren’t sure what it is yet so I am having to amend tings that I love to eat to fit in with my needs. 

I am currently Lactose free, I can’t put anything with normal milk in it near my body or it makes me really poorly, I also for some strange reason cannot eat anything tomato based as it has the same impact on my body. I now cook a lot of food myself instead of buying and eating ready made things to put in the freezer. 

My top favourite recipe is Breaded chicken wraps, this is mine and Ross’ typical Friday night dinner I’ll leave the recipe here if you want to try it: 

-Chicken breast or strips


-Breadcrumbs (I use Gluten free ones from Tesco) 

-Spices of your choice (I use the Schwartz Fajita spices and the Garlic and Parsley)



-Salad (optional).

So step one is either cut the chicken into little chunks or into strips whichever you prefer, then one by one dip them in egg, then into the bread crumb spice mix. Once coated once repeat again (the double dipping helps to make it crispier) 
Next step, put some oil into a pan and then put the chicken in and all you want to do is make sure the bread crumbs are golden and then remove the chicken and place onto an oven tray. Once you ave done this for all of the pieces place them into an oven at around 200 degrees and cook the chicken in the oven for around 10 minutes or until cooked through. 

Then once done put into wraps with your favourite sauces and some salad on top. Nice easy dinner to make and also fun if you have little kids who like to cook as well. It’s super tasty and completely free from lactose, if you wanted to make it gluten free as well just substitute normal tortilla wraps to gluten free ones. 

I have also made gluten and lactose free brownies for people at work and they also went down a treat, it’s all about knowing where to look online and also just taking a normal recipe and amending it to suit your needs. 

I am going to sign off here, I know it was a short one today but I want to leave space open to write more posts about recipes that I love to cook. If you try this out let me know what you think of them and I’d love to see pictures too! 

Signing off for now,

Scarlett x 

My 20th birthday trip to Brighton 

Hi everyone, 
Hope you are all doing well, I would like to just say thank you for all the support that my first blog post received. This one is a little different to the last as it is about my recent trip to Brighton for my 20th birthday and how I coped with that and my conditions.
When someone plans a surprise trip for you it’s a lovely gesture, especially when your partner plans it for you in a place that you have wanted to go for years. However when someone who has a chronic illness hears surprise trip so many worries cross your mind:

do I need my crutches

How am I going to cope with all this walking 

Am I supposed to drive or are we getting a train

What shoes do I take to support my feet and ankles

Do I put my insoles in my shoes 

Is it going to be really cold?! (My circulation is not fab so I get really cold)
All of these things to worry about automatically makes you more anxious to go somewhere, luckily my wonderful boyfriend accidentally told me where we were going so I knew then that we would be getting the train, we would be going for 3 days and that way I could plan more as to what I needed. 
So we set off on the Monday me dragging my bright pink suitcase behind me and Ross carrying my coat and his bag like a true gent we went to get on the train and go to Brighton…it was the top place in the U.K. On my bucket list so I was so excited.
When we got to Brighton I found out that we were staying in the Hilton which is situated right on the sea front it was gorgeous, that and the weather was sunshine and 11 degrees which for a seaside town in the U.K. In February is pure bliss!
Our room was stunning and absolutely huge, with a sea view so I got to wake up on my 20th birthday (my birthday also happens to fall on Valentine’s Day) to watch the sunrise over the sea it was magical one of the most amazing experiences to date in my life. We went for a walk on the first day and found a little gelato shop in the lanes called “gelato gusto” they had a wide range of vegan ice creams which was perfect for me as I have dietary problems that come with my conditions. 
When I go travelling even on a 1 hour car journey I get super sleepy so you can imagine how I would have felt after 2 long train journeys and then also going for an explore that evening as well…then things got really fun….Ross got us lost so we spent 20 minutes walking in the wrong direction ( my hip dislocates every time I walk and I should use crutches for long distance) this being said I am stubborn as hell so chose not to take them with me…it’s safe to say I was grouchy at this point due to being lost so we called it a day and got an uber back to the hotel. 

I then ate so much that I went into a food coma as I had a waffle as big as my face *insert heart face emojis here* and a burger that was just incredible and this was all delivered to the hotel so I could sit in my knickers and eat in bed!! 
On Tuesday we got up early as it was my birthday and also Valentine’s Day! We had the fanciest breakfast in the Hilton and I made the mistake of going downstairs in no shoes and a scruffy jumper and leggings when everyone else was wearing a suit or equally as nicely dressed….my life is a major cringe fest 9/10 times. We then went for a wander all around Brighton I got the chance to make my own perfumes at Eden’s perfumes which was just incredible. The best part of them day however was going to ChoccyWoccyDooDah for birthday cake…me and Ross tackled the platter of cake that was designed for 4 people or as we like to say 2 very hungry people ( on this occasion it really was meant for 4 or more…we took 3 boxes of cake home) we also stopped into BOHO Gelato which is highly recommended by Zoella and she was certainly not lying the lady who served us was lovely and the gelato was just as good. 
We then went for a moonlit walk on the pier before having dinner at the hotel, I felt like a 10 year old again (not that it was that long ago) playing silly games such as the 2p machines and the claw machines it was incredible. 
By the time we got home on Wednesday all of the walking had certainly caught up with me…after all I had managed 30km in 3 days which is unheard of for me especially to do so with a smile still slapped on my face. 
The bit behind the smile though was the worst, especially when I got back to ross’ and had to face the 3 flights of stairs in his house. This is when these conditions are not glamorous at all I could not lift my feet off the floor and Ross had to then sit and undress me because my body refused to respond to me anymore. The fatigue had set in big time and so had the pain it washed over me like the waves of Brighton beach. I think even 2 weeks later I have only just recovered properly from all the walking. 
Right, I’m going to end the post here as I have pancakes waiting for me (ps I am writing this on pancake day) I hope everyone is bored of the site of pancakes by today when I upload! Keep an eye for the next post which should be coming on Saturday, I have some funny stories lined up for that one.
I hope you have enjoyed the post and feel free to follow/leave any comments if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer and love the feedback! 

Signing off for now, 
Scarlett x